gold medals aren't really made of gold
They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts. -dan gable
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hello my name is mariah and i thoroughly enjoy nastia liukin's beautiful noodly gymnastics.
put a letter in my ask
‎A - Available?
B - Birthday?
C - Crushing on?
D - Drink you last had?
E - Easiest person to talk to?
F - Favourite song?
G - Grade i hated?
H - Hometown?
I - Icecream flavour?
J - Jellybean flavour?
K - Killed someone?
L- Longest friendship?
M - Milkshake flavour?
N - Number of siblings?
O - One wish?
P - Person who called me last?
Q - Question your always asked?
R - Reason to smile?
S - Song i last sung?
T - Time you woke up?
U - Umbrella colour?
V - Very best friend?
W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
X - X rays i had?
Y - Your last time you cried?
Z - Zodiac sign?
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catherinedemedici made me choose: Ariel or Meg

well, you know how men are. they think “no” means “yes” and “get lost” means “take me, i’m yours.”

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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gymternet reactions to Komova’s injury compilation

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Maybe people should learn to control themselves

This is gross. Gymnastics isn’t over-sexualized because of leotards. It’s over-sexualized because creepy grown adults sexualize and fetishize young girls. Guess what? They’d still do it if the athletes were allowed to wear shorts. They’d still do it if the athletes wore head to toe one piece footie pajamas. You know why? Because it’s not about the attire. At all. It’s about grown men being disgusting pigs toward young women, which happens every day in every aspect of life, not just in the gym where gymnasts happen to wear leotards.

Seconded. Women were oversexualized when they were wearing dresses to the wrists and ankles. This isn’t about clothing.

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